Jet Boats of Montana is specializing in small very fuel efficient, welded aluminum inboard jet boats.

Most of our boats are built for the hunter that needs to run the extreme shallow creeks and rivers like what you would see in Alberta, B.C., Alaska and Russia.

We are the very first manufacturer to use the all new GM 2.4L Ecotec 175 H.P. marine engine in a jet boat.
We are also the first boat builder in the USA to use the all new light HYUNDAI SeasAll  D 170 marine 170 H.P. turbo diesel.

If you are a hunter looking for an extreme shallow running inboard jet boat let us go over the benefits of our jet boats with you.

We can help you build your dream jet boat for all your hunting,fishing, and family outings. These boats are also very nice for the family weekend at the lake skiing, tubing, and fishing.

With the new fuel effecient GM ecotec marine engines filling up at the gas pump will not be so bad on the wallet anymore.

Please call or email:
Email: jbmboats@gmail.com
Phone: 406.677.4242 

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